Step by step process to get free royal pass

PUBG is one of the most renowned games these days and it is getting more popularity with each passing day. This game is getting better as Game’s graphics are getting sharper and moreover, they are providing many offers such as free royal pass, free gun skins, and many more. 

To Get Free Kar98 Skin


To Get free M416 and Other Gun Skin 

You can play with your friends on this game and have conversations through the audio medium. With its every update, we see that they are giving away many suits and skins for guns such as m24,kar98, and many more.

The more you play the better titles you will get, here you are rewarded with titles, badges, and ranks. You can also play various tournaments to win easy money by joining those tournaments with your teams.

How to get free m24 skin:

Here in this article, we will talk about how to get free skin for m24, so without wasting any time let’s roll into this article and grab our free m24 skin:

– As firstly we should have this game in our device and if not one should download this from respective app stores i.e for android play store and for ios AppStore

– After installation of your app click on the game icon to open it and then login with your account, which can be through Facebook, Twitter, and google games.

– Furthermore, when you will be prompted to the home screen, click on the top left banner and select Infection Mode and stop auto-matching from right there.

– Click on the start match and that will take you to the waiting lobby. When the game will have a sufficient amount of players that will start your game and you will be in a helicopter.

All the above steps are simple and here comes the main trick:

– We have to get out of a safe circle i.e that blue zone. This will damage your health and you have to die in the blue zone.

– After you’ll die this will take you to the home screen and then click on profile banner in the top right corner. Click on achievements and missions. There you will see Evo tactician. You can check your progress by looking at the bar and numbers right in front of that.

You will not get gun skin by just doing this in one match, grab your patience and repeat this until you reach 200 matches.

This isn’t limited with one trick we have another trick as well:

How to get free skin for m24:

– Open your application by clicking on it.

– Login with your account which can be Facebook, Twitter, or any other.

– You will see the home screen there and what we have to do now is click on the profile icon and check our progress in Evo tactician.

– Click on the back button and come to the home screen.

– After the above steps, click on the left corner and you will matches option. Click on arcade mode and Join the team deathmatch.

– Team deathmatch will act the same as your infection mode.

– What you have to do next is you can either play the match, does not matter win or lose or you can leave the match as soon as possible.

This trick will help you to complete your task fast.

The most effective method to get free Skin for pubg : 

In this instructional tutorial, you will get the skin without a doubt that doesn’t make a different vehicle or weapon skin. 

  1. Above all else open play store application on your cell phone. 
  2. Quest for any VPN in the inquiry bar, with the goal that you can change your area in PUBG portable. 
  3. Presently open a VPN that you have introduced on your versatile. 
  4. Snap-on the area and set it to japan. 
  5. Presently open PUBG and login with your id. 
  6. Snap-on the stock in your profile area. 
  7. Snap-on cartons and now open boxes that you have from anything. You will definitely get a weapon or vehicle skin by this method.

You can do this trick by using VPN and that will help you to grab additional suits as well.

You can follow these steps and get free skins for m24 and vehicle too. If you found this article informational don’t forget to share it with your friends and let them also get pubg skins for free.

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